Slap Wraps and more
Creative ideas for innovative products

Invented in America 30 years ago, worldwide popular today. The special feature of our Slap Wraps made in Germany: nonbreakable stainless steel – CE compliant. 

Innovative products lead to creative ideas. Get inspired – we facilitate your project.

The Slap Wraps gave rise to a lot of inspirations, way beyond the classic running wraps:
  • Fur wristbands
  • Self-rolling soft toys / Hedgehog Snap
  • Self-rolling rulers
  • Drip-catcher for wine bottles
  • Mini Snap
  • Orthopedic aids

Thereby Cobra strip steel guarantees extraordinary material quality, long durability and high functionality. You have an idea for your next product? Feel free to contact us and benefit from our longstanding experience in the production of high-precision strip steels.