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Welcome at Cobra GmbH – Strip Steel Production

For more than half a century, the Cobra GmbH family enterprise and its employees have specialized in splitting, tempering, deburring, chamfering, coating, profiling and stamping coils of various thicknesses and qualities. The coils of various thicknesses and qualities are being processed according to customer demands. Cobra GmbH also delivers the material needed readily processed, e. g. cut at a required length..

We’d like to offer you from our various products:

  • strip steel
  • cold rolled strip
  • steel measuring tapes
  • spring strip steel

Our services for you:

  • commission cutting of strip aluminum
  • commission cutting of strip copper

We are component supplier for a variety of products:

  • shaped and coated bands for pocket measuring tapes,
  • precision strip steel from stainless steel, used for pull-back springs,
  • roll-up measuring tapes,
  • auto-roll-off measuring tapes,
  • snap wrist-bands,
  • reflecting stripes,
  • paperclips,
  • reflecting wrist-bands,
  • electric coils made of strip steel, used in safety switches in mains,
  • blades,
  • heddles,
  • drop wires,
  • endless saw blades,
  • jigsaw blades,
  • and many others …

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We supply quality strip steel in accordance with quality standards and dimension standards DIN EN 10132, DIN EN 10133, DIN EN 10134, DIN EN 10140.

Regardless of whether you are looking for strip steel and precision strip steel according to quality standards DIN EN 10132, DIN EN 10133, DIN EN 10134 or dimension standard DIN EN 10140, we are able to supply the pre-processed material for manufacturing your products, with widths varying from 2 to 30 mm and thicknesses anywhere from 0.06 to 0.8 mm.

The material codes are: 1.1221, 1.1231, 1.1248, 1.1269, 1.1274, 1.4021, 1.4028, 1.4034.

Martensitic stainless steel for measuring bands, steel for general use, various types of spring steel or blade steel.

Our cold rolled strip steel can have various surface finishings, such as blank and hardened, yellow or blue tempered, phosphatized, coated, blank or polished with clean cut, cut, or deburred edges.

For more information on our products, click here.

Our Customers

Traditionally we are supplier for:

  • automotive industry
  • food industry
  • medical technology
  • electronic industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • loom manufacturers
  • manufacturers of saws and blades
  • manufacturers of shutters
  • manufacturers using springs


Cobra Bandstahl GmbH
Kinzigstrasse 12
63607 Wächtersbach
Tel. +49 (0) 6053 / 3016



Safety at night – even for pedestrians!
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New: The Stair-Strip-Steel

After some successful experiments, Cobra, together with its customers has developed a hardened strip steel line with alternating thicknesses. [read more...]

Video: High Performance Slitting Line

Video: High Performance Traverse Spooler

Video: High Performance Traverse Spooler

Video: High Performance Slittering Line

Video: Dauerfestigkeitsprüfung

Video: Dauerfestigkeitsprüfung

We have the solution – where is your challenge?

We have a product so versatile, that you might not even have noticed that you could use it, too.

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