Covipad Reflaktive

Health protection on your shopping cart

Small, but effective. Our Reflex-clip evolves to your virus protection on your shopping cart.

Our famous Slap Wrap was originally developed to serve as a safety reflector at buggies, wheeled walkers or bikes. Cobra specifically modified the unbreakable spring steel for that use case to enhance the safety of children and adults in the dark.

During corona crisis a clever mother simply used it to function as a disposable protection for the handle of shopping carts, support poles in busses and so on. A tissue or paper towel will do!

Just a simple click to brace it to the handle and you’ll have the perfect solution to protect you against SARS-CoV2.

For environmental reasons a reusable cloth is already in development. Wash it at 95 °C and you have your reusable corona pad!