40th and 25th Employee Anniversaries

Today, July 1st, 2022, Mr. Georg celebrated his 40th anniversary and Ms. Klimek her 25th anniversary as part of Cobra Bandstahl GmbH. Or rather, we celebrated them. At a joint breakfast with the workforce, the managing director, Mr. Bernd Faupel, took the opportunity to thank them both for the time we had together.

A lot was experienced together: As a long-standing company member, Mr. Georg started working at Cobra as a simple machine operator under the last CEO, Mr. Helmuth Scheuß. Thanks to his extraordinary commitment, today, 40 years later, he is the foreman of our hardening shop and an important brick in our company’s concept for success.

Mrs. Klimek’s story is a little shorter, but no less important for us. Over many years, Mrs. Klimek has managed to develop the logistics and shipping management of our company and bring it up to date. Thanks to her conscientiousness, Mrs. Klimek has also become an important part of the company, which we prize highly.

We are very grateful to both of them and wish them the best for the future.

Thank you Mrs. Klimek and Mr. Georg for the time together!